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Cloudbase is a place for nature loving people. This place might not be suitable for everyone, so there are a few things you might want to know.

What to expect

  • My friendly domestic dogs will give you a warm welcome.
  • Freshly home cooked food, a set meal will be served, special orders have to be given in advance while booking.
  • Aqua Guard water.
  • We have regular and irregular power cuts, a torch is essential.
  • Depending on the season, especially in dusk and dawn, mosquitos will be around. Please bring your mosquito net and/or repellant.
  • Firefly Season in June. Geckos, ants and frogs. Various colorful insects around the year.
  • Even though there is a lake, we DO NOT ALLOW SWIMMING as directed by the police.

What not to expect

  • There are no sign boards on the road, that show the way to Cloudbase, so please take a look at the directions page, and print it out or write it down. You can follow the signs for Indus Paragliding.
  • There is no room service, no AC and no television.
  • A good phone signal is not available in all parts of the property.

What we expect

  • No smoking in the rooms.
  • No throwing of plastic, cigarette butts or bottles. Dispose waste in the dust bins. Bring as less waste as possible.
  • Rowdy, abusive or fully drunk poeple are not welcome and might be escorted to the exit.

What to bring

  • Torch.
  • Your own snacks and soft drinks.
  • Mosquito net and/or repellant.


  • The full booking amount has to be given in advance, either in Bandra, Mumbai, in Kamshet or via bank transfer. An overstay has to be paid at the guesthouse, before the overstay occurs.
  • Guests from out of India please ask for other options.

Things to do

  • Free Flight Paragliding for experienced pilots or groups with instructor.
  • Paragliding courses for beginners or tandem paragliding joyrides can be arranged with the paragliding school Indus Paragliding.
  • Walking, trekking, cycling, fishing or just sit down at the lake and listen to the birds, watch the clouds go by.